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Rosiest scented candle

Rosiest scented candle

a true rose scent with a hint of lychee brings an exotic twist to the classic floral. best burned during a romantic evening either solo or in company. a lover's scent that feels like little sweet kisses all over your mind, body and soul.

french rose. lychee. oakwood.

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Gift Wrap

gift wrapping can only be applied to 180g and 380g candles. it includes wrapping paper, dried flowers and wax stamp in various color based on scent ordered. if you have any special requirements, please email us with your order number. 

Burn Time

Fun size 100g - approximately 15 hours
Fair size 180g - approximately 25 hours
Full size 380g - approximately 60 hours


a blend of coconut and soy wax
fine fragrance and essential oils
wooden wick to ensure a clean and cozy burn

Shipping & Returns

Please review our Shipping & Returns Policy and email for any questions or requests.

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