About us

Founded by a mother and daughter duo,Β  we are your neighborhood scent studio. Our mission is simple: to create candles that can capture a memory, set a mood and elevate an experience, all in the while using high quality and clean ingredients that are accessible to everybody.

We launched WOODCO in the Winter of 2019. From our kitchen at home, we went through rigorous rounds of trial and error before we came up with the perfect blend of coconut and soy wax. Paired with our very own fragrance blends using premium fragrance and essential oils, our scented candles are made to achieve a feeling of home and a sense of calmness.

By lighting one of our candles, we hope it will become a staple to all the wonderful memories you will make. So whenever you feel reminiscent or nostalgic, you can always come back to a scent that would unlock some of your favorite core memories.

Nat & Yvonne